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zorrolies's Journal

10 December 1992
Hello there!
I am Elies, 15 years old.
I'm just like all the others but a bit different, maybe.
I live in Ghent, I personally think it's the nicest en most beautiful city in Belgium. Where the hell is Belgium? Ehm that little idiotic country in Europe. Just look up if you really want to know it but you probably don't. I wouldn't do it either.

I love my cat Pelle, food, sunshine, icons, souvenirs, pictures, flea markets, acting, movies, all sorts of green, swimming outside, walking on bare feet, cards, real letters, finger puppets, vintage, music, the beach, chocolat, laughing, believing in something, dreams, hugs, freedom, art, cosiness, being loved, parties, happiness, summer, spring, autumn, good memories, stories, photography, tea, the smell of mowned grass, theatre, birthdays, old books, normal books, life itself (sometimes), shoes, attics, fruit, old things, polaroids, flowers, birthdays except mine ...

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